#1 Diabetes Exercise - Finally Cured From Type 2 Diabetes

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What is the best exercise to cure type 2 diabetes?
Resistance training also known as Weight lifting or short burst high intensity training is typically the best best exercise for diabetics.

Examples: Squat, Push up, dumbbell curls, Sit ups.
Range: 8-12 Reps
Do this 3x a week at, 1 hour for every session.
Your insulin resistance issue will be reversed in 90 days if you do it consistently. I have seen diabetic patients who cured themselves from type II diabetes and improve their overall insulin sensitivity permanently.

Dr Bryan Walsh

You need insulin in order to get these GLUT4 vesicles to trans-locate to cell membrane to bring glucose in. Something that is critically important to understand however, in skeletal muscles this GLUT4 vesicle also can be trans located to the membrane via an insulin independent process, meaning there is no insulin required to do so. That is skeletal muscle contraction, otherwise known as resistance training, or lifting weight.

Simply contracting your muscles against resistance will allow the GLUT4 vesicles to trans locate, bring glucose in, and NOT requiring insulin.

Dr Michael Baker
Exercise Physiologist

What we've found is that through resistance training, we are able to increase muscle mass and muscle is a really important place for glucose to go. So we increase their muscle mass, they get stronger, and blood glucose control improved. Diabetic people must at least do resistance workout such as weight lifting 3 times per week as a strategy to stimulate the movement of glucose inside the cells.


Nutrient wise, you might want to try a low carb approach:
Simply limit your net carbohydrate intake to 70 grams per day.
Diet, Eating, and Physical Activity
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