Diabetes Chalk Talk 4: Meal Planning and Carbohydrate Counting

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Welcome to Type 1 and Joe Solowiejczyk proudly present the fourth instalment of the Diabetes Chalk Talk series: Meal Planning and Carbohydrate Counting.


00:22 -- Overview
01:11 -- Introduction to meal planning and carb counting.
04:59 -- Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat
07:09 -- Eating whatever you (or your parents) want.
10:31 -- When to test blood glucose.
13:15 -- The Finer Details: More than just carbs.
14:48 -- It's not like walking a tight rope over Niagara Falls...
16:18 -- Pizza (or other fatty foods) and its effect on blood glucose.
18:53 -- Gastroparesis and its effect on blood glucose.
20:05 -- Food labels and nutrition information resources.
23:02 -- Conclusion

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Carbohydrate Counting
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